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Search Tips

Basic SearchJust enter the keywords you are interested in. The search will find stories that have one or more of your keywords in them, for example:

tesco sainsbury morrisons waitrose aldi lidl

will find stories about any or all of these supermarkets.
Phase SearchEnclose search terms in double quote marks to find stories that contain that exact phrase, for example:

"home office" "ministry of justice" "department of education" "deparment of work and pensions"

will find stories about any or all of these government departments.
Truncation SearchUse an asterisk to match against a truncated search. This is useful for word variants, for example:


Would find stories matching management, managerial, manager etc.
Require SearchUse the plus sign + in front of search terms to require they are present, for example:

offenders criminals crime offending prisoners +grayling

Would find stories on crime, offending etc where the word Grayling (current Justice Minister) was mentioned or just stories with Grayling in them.

Similarly, use the minus sign or hyphen - in front of search terms to require they are NOT present, for example:

sainsbury -grocer -supermarket

Would find stories on sainsbury, but not those about the supermarket
ParenthesesUse parentheses or brackets to structure your search and influence the parse order, for example:

+(murder burglary theft assault) +(manchester leeds liverpool)

will find articles which match at least one of murder, burglary, theft, assault AND at least one of manchester, leeds, liverpool. A story about murder in Luton would not be a match.
All of the AboveYou can combine all of the above to produce very complex searches - however, be aware that the search only works on the information within the RSS feed (rarely will this be the full article and sometimes will be little more than the headline).